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Courage and Compassion:  B.C. Healthcare Heroes

Twenty portraits, twenty stories and one year of painting

The exhibition “B.C.’s Healthcare Heroes”, held at the Gage Gallery from February 15 to February 20, 2022,  showcased healthcare workers’ stories and portraits in British Columbia – with many from Victoria, B.C. The concept behind the project is to celebrate and honour the sacrifices that our healthcare workers are making during the Covid 19 pandemic.

“The last worldwide pandemic was in 1918 and many countries tried to cover it up by placing a media ban on photos and stories about the Spanish flu. At the time, leaders did not want to divert attention away from the war efforts”, said Holms.

“Therefore, there are not many photos or stories from that time, so I wanted to document this important time in history by the people who are giving so much to society today -- our healthcare heroes. 

I offered healthcare workers a free copy of their portrait in exchange for an on-the-job photo and an interview. I have interviewed each healthcare worker and wrote a short story about their experience during the first wave of the pandemic.” 

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